About Us

About Roman Day Wellness Trade OPC Pvt. Ltd.

Roman Day Wellness Trade OPC Pvt. Ltd. is a prime direct selling company in health and herbal personal care products. Our company belives in offering world class service to all its consumers

Our Daily Needs is the brand for FMCG products. We have wide range of products, range includes bath soap, face cream, sampoo, toothpaste etc…, these products are either available at company owned depot and franchises.

It also provides opportunity of equal earning to every one. Keeping that view in mind we are working very past to increase our member base to all corners of the country to not only enhance our support base but to also spread our products and other related services to the end user.

Our Mission

To reach on apex of people trust and become a champion in direct selling industries through its products and system.

Our Vision

To be a positive strengths in the Direct Selling Industry by helping people lives to change their life style through our unique plan and programme enjoying and earning at the same time.